The patented solution for uninterrupted radio cell switching


The patented MeshFLOW mechanism guarantees service delivery at all times and enables real-time communication across all levels of an appropriate command and control hierarchy. Our critical push-to-talk over cellular and push-to-video solutions follow the “Anytime and Anywhere” communications approach, always focused on the mission at hand.

Therefore, TacticalCore provides secure middleware that combines innovative and emerging broadband technologies such as 4G / 5G with long-range tactical radio communications technologies such as VHF and UHF. The platform-independent TacticalCore Collaboration Client serves as the key to connecting, integrating and using legacy radios in a robust and path-independent IP communications solution, ensuring a cost-effective transition.

As a result, we have become one of the leaders in Europe in the design and operation of deployable and highly mobile tactical cellular networks.