Software Suite

The basis for future-proof critical communication in “tactical operations”


Tactical software

The TacticalCore portfolio is a unique, end-to-end software suite that provides a highly secure, dynamic and self-organizing communications infrastructure as the basis for future-proof critical communications for “tactical operations“.

The TacticalCore acts like a digital bracket.
This is what makes digitization possible in the first place.

Timo Haas, CEO blackned Gmbh


The software can be customized in terms of its software-related scope (e.g. security). In addition, the hardware for both data processing and data transmission can be selected individually depending on the operating environment. In this way, the user receives a customized solution with the optimal fit for his needs.

Advanced connectivity

Combined broadband and narrowband radio communications (voice and data)

Decentralized authentication

IPSec transport mode based on group keys meets the highest security standards

Secure environment for applications

A secure container environment with Secure Element and custom Android OS

Central control element

The smartphone serves as a graphical user interface (GUI) for all services




  • Secured connections

  • “Build once, sell many” – Deploy multiple information security domains based on a common/open transport network infrastructure.

  • Dynamic decentralized key management

  • Optimized for bandwidth-constrained networks

  • High level of automation reduces the need for human intervention

  • Security token (hardware device) for user control and key/certificate storage

  • Protection of the communication channel by using various encryption mechanisms (e.g. IPsec)

  • Secure integration of systems belonging to a special security domain (“red systems”)

  • Addition of TRANSEC functions of integrated rugged radios for operations in contested environment


User view

One end device – all security domains

The TacticalCore enables the use of a mobile device in all available security domains.

The end device is thus no longer bound to a role and can remain with the user.



  • Applications

    Virtual environment for
    defense-specific applications

  • Security

    Security environment according to defense standards


    Vendor-independent communication and integration platform

  • Management

    Vendor independent network management and monitoring


Software modules

The high demand of the TacticalCore combines a secure connection, a powerful monitoring with a robust and user-friendly usability.

With the three software components RIDUX, XONITOR and the RIDUX Colaboration App, this demand can be realized.


The software component as middleware is the link of the TacticalCore

Colaboration Client

The “TacticalApp” is the smartphone application for the user of the TacticalCore


The XONITOR software is the monitoring and management tool of the TacticalCore



RIDUX Core Middleware is an operating system based communication / network oriented middleware from blackned GmbH.

Tactical Platform Service provides an “all-in-one” software package for seamless and secure collaboration between different protocols, waveforms, access technologies and transmission media in dynamic and highly mobile environments.


TacticalCore integrates various transmission and radio access technologies and provides vendor- and technology-independent secure middleware in the lowest available form factor (SWaP).


The TacticalCore dynamically adapts to the ever-changing network topology required by the mission situation without manual intervention. Services are automatically adapted to availability and bandwidth capacity.


Applications and data can be assigned to one of several information security domains in which the user participates.

He can easily switch between them without changing the device. This eliminates the need to store data in different locations and all the associated complications.


Communications networks are typically based on static architectures and topologies within a specific geographic area, while commercial mobile networks are based on end-user mobility.

The TacticalCore is designed to mobilize the network itself and ensure service continuity with a network that always follows the mission.


RCC Tactical App

The RIDUX Colaboration Client includes MANET-enabled services to provide communications capabilities in tactical mobile networks. Integrated services include voice services, push-to-talk, messaging, file sharing and video communication.


Push-to-talk services (voice services) for decentralized group communication


Push-to-video services for decentralized group communication


Decentralized text services, direct and in groups

Geo localization

“Blue force tracking” capability – position data shared across decentralized service domains

RIDUX Colaboration Client


The TacticalCore Management and Monitoring System XONITOR


With new threats constantly emerging, advanced methods are needed to protect your data. 

TacticalCore Management detects flaws and vulnerabilities across different vendors and identifies network and component dependencies.

Heterogeneous networks

It provides an all-in-one tool for multi-vendor network administration and monitoring, offering holistic situational awareness of complex heterogeneous networks in a simplified operational view. Predictive maintenance enables network administrators to respond before a threat occurs.


Currently, we have integrated over 500 different vendors, which are constantly updated.

All assets and devices can be monitored and managed both in a physical network and in the cloud / hybrid cloud. A heterogeneous system landscape becomes a holistic network view and adapts to your existing infrastructure.